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For all car categories, the driver must be at least 23 years of age and have a valid Greek, European or international driving license for at least 2 years.

Payment and security deposit

The total rental value must be paid at the beginning of the lease. Moreover, a security deposit of 300 € for categories A, B, C 400 € for categories D, E and 1.000 € for category F is mandatory. The lessee keeps the total amount of the security deposit throughout the lease. The security deposit cannot be used to balance any possible debts and is returned to the leaser without interest at the end of the lease, provided that the leaser has fulfilled their obligations. The security deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card.


If the cancellation is made up to 24 hours prior to the delivery date, it is free of charge. For cancellations made within a shorter period of time, a charge of 10% of the total rental price is payable.
Third party liability; bodily injury coverage for up to 500,000 € and property damage coverage up to 100,000 €.
The lessee is responsible for the repair of any possible damage caused by accident or for vehicle theft that happened during the lease unless AEGEAN CAR can claim damages from a third party.
An insurance company may assume liability, if a collision or full damage waiver, which covers among other things full theft, broken windows and fire, has been previously bought/ paid and agreed. The waiver price varies according to the car category.
Any damage caused inside the car, underneath it, on the mirrors, the windscreen wipers, the tires is not covered by any insurance company as only the leaser is responsible for them.


Reservation ensures the car/vehicle category and not a specific car model. All cars undergo a standard technical control. In the event of a car failure or any other unexpected cause that will require the car to be checked by an authorized car repair service, all expenses are covered by AEGEAN CAR upon approval and in provision of the original invoices.


The car must be returned at the point that was agreed between the customer and AEGEAN CAR upon delivery and only to an AEGEAN CAR employee.


The leaser must pay for the gasoline. Upon collection the gas level indicator must be at the same level as it was upon delivery. Otherwise, the difference must be paid to AEGEAN CAR at the collection.


It is not allowed to drive or transfer AEGEAN CAR cars beyond the Greek borders.

Ship boarding

A written authorization by AEGEAN CAR is needed in order to travel by ship.

Fines for traffic regulations infringements.

Throughout the lease and up to collection, the leaser is responsible for any tickets inflicted for any traffic or other violations and for all driving and parking expenses.